It’s crazy how many notes this has gotten since the last time I’ve seen it, I’m proud!
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Sorry I haven’t posted in soooo long!!
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This may not fit your blog, or look pretty. But to me she is gorgeous. I love this girl. She goes to my school, she ALWAYS knew how to put a smile on my face. Always hands out compliments, even though she’d never receive them. She confided in me, and told me the horrible and cruel things people would say about her, even i herd them. She has every right to be upset and sad. But there are so many people that do care about her, and do love her, she just really needs to know this. I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep her in your thoughts and prayers. And appreciate it more if you would reblog this and spread the word. 

Please. Reblog.

This is my best friend’s sister. It’s so amazing to see how many notes this has already, and also the fact that blogs I follow are reblogging it. Please reblog, PLEASE. We desperately want to bring Ashley home. 

signal boost

i knew about her for a little while from xphan-girlx and im still praying for her<3

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Love westphalians to the moon and back <3
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60 equestrian questions! Ask ask ask!!
  • 1. dish face or roman nose? why?
  • 2. mares or geldings? why?
  • 3. Do you think warmbloods are over-rated?
  • 4. Describe your dream horse.
  • 5. What kind of bit do you use and why?
  • 6. Stock horses or sport horses?
  • 7. Favorite horse color?
  • 8. Least favorite horse color?
  • 9. Dressage or Jumping?
  • 10. Favorite stock horse breed?
  • 11. Favorite Hot-blooded breed?
  • 12. Favorite cold-blooded breed?
  • 13. Dapple grey or Fleabitten grey?
  • 14. Most expensive piece of tack you own?
  • 15. When did you start riding?
  • 16. Leather or Nylon halters?
  • 17. Apples or Carrots?
  • 18. Chestnut or bay?
  • 19. Palomino or Buckskin?
  • 20. Lazy horse or Hot horse?
  • 21. Have you ever been trail riding?
  • 22. Have you ever had to put down a horse that you loved?
  • 23. How many saddlepads do you have?
  • 24. How many bridles do you have?
  • 25. Favorite saddle brand?
  • 26. Beige or White Breeches?
  • 27. Least favorite discipline?
  • 28. Do you own a horse?
  • 29. Do you collect breyer horses?
  • 30. Favorite color of saddle pad?
  • 31.Private barn or Boarding stable?
  • 32. Opinion on spoiled riders?
  • 33. Have you ever ridden tackless?
  • 34. Have you ever stood up on a horse?
  • 35. Overo, Tobiano, or Tovero?
  • 36. Favorite face markings(s)?
  • 37. Why you started riding?
  • 38. Does anyone in your family ride?
  • 39. Have you ever owned a horse?
  • 40. Something you want to improve on?
  • 41. A bad habit you have?
  • 42. A bad habit your horse has?
  • 43. How high have you jumped?
  • 44. Have you ever had a dressage lesson?
  • 45. What really makes your horse spook?
  • 46. Trail riding or ring work?
  • 47. Indoor or Outdoor arena?
  • 48. Colorful or plain saddle pads?
  • 49. Do you like horses with blue eyes?
  • 50. Have you ever gotten into a fight with your trainer?
  • 51. Light bay or Dark bay horses?
  • 52. What is your equestrian dream?
  • 53. Long mane or Pulled mane?
  • 54. Opinion on fake tails?
  • 55. Least favorite thing about your barn?
  • 56. Favorite thing about your barn?
  • 57. Have you ever ridden a stallion?
  • 58. socks or no socks on a horse?
  • 59. Favorite horse names?
  • 60. If you could ride any horse in the world, which one would it be? why?
  • Pleeeease someone do this! : )
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Do Tell
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